Video Introduction: Polishing BrittanyKnows & Testing My New Look

So, I realized I never formally introduced myself and explained to people why I started this journey in the proper way.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on many thing and this is one of them. A new look I am testing.

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Monarch Butterfly: Spreading My Wings to Fly

So on my first day of truly taking a work picture with my iPhone, I was more than thrilled with the results. The clarity and accuracy even small subtle detail that weren’t picked up before.

But the best part is wearing the earrings I was given, Monarch Butterfly wings. How cute right. If you look closely in front of my hand you can tell. Butterflies are always spreading their wings to fly to head to their destination. And I feel that this is exactly what is happening to me – me being able to spread my wings and fly without any worry or hesitation.

SO my outfit below is what I wore to work. And for some reason I felt more confident that day than ever. The almost all black attire with cute heels elongated my height, I will take that any day.

Launching Step to Your Next Career

Now, this look I absolutely love because it’s a reminder that you have to show up willing to look the part to occupy your dream job.

In case you hadn’t seen the post – here’s 3 style options to wear to an interview.

If you were to live in clutter it has a natural effect to hamper your ability to think and focus. But when your space is clear and clean much like your appearance it does wonder to your overall attitude and character.

So, if you are headed to a meeting or interview where the need to impress is a must, lighten up and dress your best. And remember the moment you walk out the door is your next step to a career changing moment.

Workwear Fashion: Raining? No Problem – Casual Style for a Rainy Day!

#ragandbone #sweater #bcbg

Although the weather has been quite warm and pleasant in the south, it appears back home in Chicago it is not.

With that said, on cold and rainy days I love having go-to options for casual wear that keeps me warm and comfortable while still making a fashion statement.

My look with a messy bun is wearing Rag and Bone sweater with BCBG leggings and fur trim boots bought from Carsons.

BrittanyKnows Workwear: Old Hollywood Glam Meets Street

With all that is going on I was inspired by Mary Mary’s song, Go Get Your Blessing. Very energetic mind you. You might want to checkout my dance piece before I mention the style choice for workwear here.

All I could think about was moving and shaking before I went to work.

And best of all when I purchased this I tried the top on with these leather pants I owned much earlier so it was a glamorous mistake because who would think to pair this attire together.

Where’s My Air Time? Dressing for An Interview to Land that Dream Job!

I remember when I was in high school I always put my best foot forward, regarding my attire for an interview. Plus my mom made sure of it, lol. I knew the culture was to dress very formal and appear executive-like. Well, it certainly helped over the years because I remember later on hearing awful stories of people appearing at an interview like they were at a beach or didn’t bother to wear the appropriate jacket.

Here’s the thing, you want to set the mood, the tone of the conversation. But if your appearance gives the impression you don’t care, well, how do you think the rest of the interview will go?

Career Talk: Terrible Wig Wearing at Work!

I know that the wig industry is a huge industry and people wear them for different reasons.

But my innocent reason for wearing one turned into nothing but fuss, hassle and the constant irritable regret because I just couldn’t seem to wear it correctly.

Whether it was working downtown Chicago – walking to the office or heading into meetings my wig would shift causing the constant need to pull and readjust.

Certainly no one’s head or hair does that constantly throughout the day.

Yes, I was given some practice or training but no-one in my family are really experts. So with that said I became the “test dummy”. A mere deer thrown out to the wolves, but in this case it was thrown to mother nature offering wind, rain, snow and heat to trample my hair however it pleased.

I don’t wear them anymore ever since I found a role in the suburbs that allows me to drive to work instead. If I did find myself back downtown again I now know I can purchase an umbrella I have seen that provides coverage down to the chest.

With the every no and again peek of real hair exposing underneath or on the side while under the wig people can pot my wig ever so clearly.

So maybe if you do have the choice I recommend keeping it simple with your own hair or just get extra practice.

For the actual video on my experience click here.

BrittanyKnows Workwear: Handbags In My Closet, Burberry vs Louis Vuitton

While I don’t have a wide collection of handbags my reasoning for starting a collection may or may not be different from the norm.

I believe as you move up in your career there’s an image you want to project and sometimes through life it gets adjusted as your income level increases, maybe the position you occupy or even style influences by the location you reside.

BrittanyKnows Workwear: MaxMara Dress Paired with Jimmy Choo Shoes

Channeling Walk Like an Egyptian song, which I Iove. This blue dress is wonderful with the contrasting dark tones and texture from the cotton blend sleeves that are dark blue and the middle layer a lighter blue tone. To add a lighter tone and flavor I paired it with taupe colored Jimmy Choo Shoes.

This look is great for all seasons and especially the winter although I wouldn’t wear Jimmy Choo when snow is on the ground.

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What to Wear When Meeting An Executive or Networking at Work

We’ve all had our chance or longed for the opportunity to speak with a colleague or executive who holds the ideal position we wish to occupy in the future. And the opportunity to meet and ask questions to understand if they had a similar path as us and faced the same struggles and overcame them is priceless.

Knowing I have been in this same situation myself, here is a meaningful tip, while short, can be helpful in a huge way.