Along the coast from SanFrancisco to Los Angeles and in-between.

Visiting California came with pure amazement. We drove route 1, Pacific Coast Highway from SanFrancisco to Los Angeles. Not a lot of green terrain to see because it had been a dry season with little rain.

We stopped at so many locations: saw elephant seals, visited the Hearst Castle, stopped by the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was so small driving past it we almost missed it. After heading from SanFrancisco to Long Beach which took a day from an early morning drive starting at 2 am to ensure we saw the sunrise we then stayed in Santa Monica Beach. Santa Monica was a busy scene each day filled with bikers, runners, surfers and “No Pain-No Gain Workout Bods”. We took day tours since this was a short weekend trip. And I ended up repeating this trip twice, same places of destination with different scenic and tourist spots to visit during different years. If you have a chance I recommend seeing as much as you can when in California. It’s such a large state with drastic differences in activities, terrain and architecture from the north to southern end of California. Checkout a few more pictures I took while cruising The Golden State.


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