Destination Wedding: Bahamas

Fun times on a boat tour, lighthouse visit and warm temperatures

I was invited to the Bahamas for a destination wedding. Even though its U.S. territory you are still required to have a passport. First time ever having one. The island is beautiful and rich with relaxing blue water, warm temperatures during the day and night.

I was so pampered with late night strolls in the sand along the ocean I didn’t want that time to end. The beach house we stayed – Sunrise Point in Elbow Cay – in allowed us one of the best views you could have. A back porch that let out with stairs to the sandy beach, a nightly rock-a-bye to ocean waves and the best part of it all we had wonderful views of a big, bright, white-lit moon.

The locales maintain rain water in a bunker like storage underground to use for various needs since it stays dry most of the time. The local restaurant food was pretty good, I was yearning for hush puppies – but its really hard to find good ones that offer more than a sliver in a fried batter.

We walked around, took a boat around other neighboring islands and hiked up to the lighthouse. There’s not a ton to do there – I’m not even sure if I saw anyone swimming, but we had a blast during the wedding reception and the wedding was held at a beautiful small church with a view of the ocean through the peak of an oval shaped window.

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