Lost Keys, Lost Driver’s License – Thank God I made it back home!

Visiting 3 islands in 2 weeks was a major feat for us. Before we arrived to the Big Island, we experienced the worst nightmare could. Somehow when my confirmation ticket was printed to proceed through the security gate my name was misspelled. Not anticipating for traffic and long lines, we of course arrived late. So late – that I had to plead with one of the airline workers to fix my ticket so that I can move ahead into the security line and by the time we ran and made it through to our gate we had roughly 30min or so of time to spare, terrible and so frightening. I don’t want to know what that feeling would have been knowing I prepared so much financially for an awesome vacation if we had missed our plane.

Each island we drove a convertible and without realizing we drove the American flag with red, white and blue representing the different color convertible we drove on each island.

Big Island

Big Island Accomodation

We stayed in this glass surrounding room nestled in a jungle where you can hear frogs and all type of creatures. But our heat did not work the first night so when the temperature dropped we were quite ready to get going on the road to explore and hike that next day.

Riding the helicopter over the island to see the Hershey farm, hidden waterfalls and active lava over the volcanoes was nice. But I think I’ve had one too many experiences on a helicopter that I’ve become too queasy for the ride. And once you’ve flown before, the excitement is not as thrilling like your first time. Besides the place we stayed at, which was such a unique experience (I would return just to relive that moment), we weren’t as impressed with this island. So many mosquitoes along the road if you wanted to walk down to the ocean. And for us it just wasn’t much to see. I did enjoy the unique flowers and plants that grow there, very beautiful.

When we visited a botanical garden we learned that tourist often have their car wrecked in order for the locales to make money on car repairs – luckily nothing of such happened to us.


Welcome, to Maui! It seems a lot of islands you visit outside of North America have stray chickens wandering the streets. Something we had never seen before and found to be a bit amusing.

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you see a lot of similarities with the tropical vibe and architecture of the area. It’s quite rainy there at least around December when we went, which we expected after reading Maui Travel books.

We tried hard to spot a whale but we only saw their humpbacks right before they went deep into the ocean.We found a beautiful home to rent through Airbnb. We stayed in a guest house essentially with their main home being over to the left side. Very nice sized yard of a few acres I’m assuming. This person grew bananas and mangos and all other kinds of fruits and vegetables. We were awakened each morning to a fresh bowl of it. Nice way to experience the Maui life. Walking along the beach I lost the car keys to the rental car. They were eventually found after frantically panicking. I tried to make sure after that I wore shorts and pants with deep pockets. ugh.

I couldn’t wait to make it to Maui because that is where we hiked the Haleakala National Park. As you can see below its very deserted. No other campers were there so we had the entire place to ourselves in a nice cabin. The only downside of course we couldn’t get a back door to open to this area that would have allowed us to generate heat. So luckily the creativity kicked in and we heated a pot on this stove and it heated up the place but not for long. Looking outside you can see the beautiful stars as clear as day while little geese walk around. So surreal.

As we were planning our next day to hike back out I learned I lost my driver’s license. So I left early to trace back my steps. Luckily a couple found my license and I walked past them when they asked and with a wide smile I took back repossession of my license. I was soooo happy because I wouldn’t have been able to get back home – oh the horror. Well as soon as I passed that scare I faced another one. Looking below this looks picturesque but it wan’t so much for me because I got lost and I was running out of water. Luckily the heavens sent a sign and told me to walk back and I became found and we gleefully hiked back out, lol.

Kauai – Known as the Garden Island

Pretty funny landing on this island. One of the ladies said if we get too close to the water we could see the faces of the sharks not to mention that the water was dirty from the debris that gets emptied into this particular area behind out hotel stay in Kauai.

Each island has a different vibe, different landscape and features to be enjoyed. We traveled the entire island when visiting Big Island, Maui and Kauai. When hiking Kauai we actually needed to carry these two long stick that you see below because of the mud and big rocks you have to climb over along a hiking trail.

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