Hiking Havasupai Falls: Native American Reservation in Grand Canyon

This trip is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to endure heat and a long path of hiking before you reach any sight of anything close to drinking water. 

walking the entrance of havasupai falls with a backpack


Getting there takes quite a few hours of driving from the national park in Arizona. Once you arrive you’ll see a line of cars parked alongside the hill with someone departing in a helicopter. But it cost around $50-$75 per person I if I can remember correctly just to fly in or out. I remember the use was restricted to locales or for emergencies. But since many hikers would pay anything just to avoid the long hike back, they allowed frequent helicopter rides out and of course we did not use this advantage. Unless you leave very early it can take you a full day of maybe 5-8hrs depending on your walking speed so get well rested.

The natives drink straight from this water stream but you can’t unless you have a pill to kill the bacteria and purify the water. I suggest packing smart with a ton of liquids to replenish your body fuel. The trip is rewarding although it sure doesn’t seem like it when trekking through unattractive looking desert with paths of boulders and rocks. No stand-out geological beauty to help pass the time.

Hotel Accommodation

Forewarning: I do not recommend staying at their hotel unless a more recent visitor’s review counters my experience. The hotel was not well maintained and I get it – the natives are far away from any bustling city with nearby supplies at a whim but we had an unwanted visitor. We actually made a promise to never speak of it to anyone when returning back. You would be better off and most likely have an enjoyable experience sleeping in a tent since you will be so close to the waterfalls.

Hiking Path

I was surprised to see that when we neared the end of our hike to arrive at the hotel, they had a little grocery store. When I saw they had Mississippi Mud ice cream, I completely forgotten how exhausted I was. I couldn’t find that flavor in the rest of the grand canyon national park and I haven’t had that flavor since high school.

Inside Havasupai Falls

The reason why many people trek to this location is because of the purity and greenish blue water you would otherwise see nowhere else. The water is extremely cold but from the extreme heat you will enjoy every minute of it. If you do plan on going I recommend buying flippers “swimming fins”, because the many pointy rocks in the water can make it difficult to walk. Since we didn’t have ours we just suffered through the pain since our hiking friends didn’t let us in on this annoying ouch.

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