I made this my next adventure in between jobs. We flew into St. Thomas and headed straight to the hotel the first day. The view from our hotel stay in the picture above was unimaginable. Seeing the milky way at night and swimming in warm water – I didn’t want to leave.

St. Thomas Sapphire Beach Resort

We had a difficult time renting a scooter so we opted for a cab part of the way when we took a boat ride over to visit St. John and walked around the entire island. St. John, unfortunately could have been better but with all the aggressive mosquitoes ready and waiting as soon as you stepped on a trail – our time was spent hurrying and shortening our enjoyment of sight views for the sake of not getting bit.

St. John

Quite funny running into the different people there sharing their stories. One guy claiming cereal cost $14 and although the grocery prices were a bit high compared to the U.S., not even close to what this guy was eagerly spouting. It only cost $5!! Another woman moved there from the U.S. only to find her savings drained with too much competition and not enough opportunities to find work.

That’s what you will find there – many locals working hard, not living in the best conditions. As most places you have your poor and better off side, and here it was very distinct.


One of the true highlights of this trip was experiencing my first scuba dive underwater at St. John’s Beach. It was nerve racking for me but so amazing to get so close to the marine creatures. Even had a chance to touch one.

If I had the opportunity I would go back just to relive my moments at the hotel stay, swimming in the water and scuba diving.

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