Big Apple filled with Musical, Cardi B and More!

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Right after delivering her daughter it was a shock to use all that she would make an appearance. I was waiting for a long time to have the opportunity to see her. She did come to Chicago which I will post and upload about. Drake gave a great show. Not someone who is high on my list of artists but he had a cool stage that was turned into a giant video screen.

Visiting New York was a mixed experience filled with excitement and anticipation of returning home.

When we first arrived the heater didn’t work in our room so it was quite cold and this happened for at least 2 days before maintenance fixed it.

As everyone who lives there or visit says, there was trash everywhere. So weird to think you can be walking down this hectic, highly-trafficked and occupied city with garbage you have to step around and over. It was also hard finding good places to eat because we just didn’t know what were the best places. Some places had a good rating online but then when you went there it looked crummy from the outside. This actually lead us to Hell’s Kitchen.

All this time I thought we might be able to eat at the restaurant from the reality show Hell’s Kitchen but no, that’s just the name of an area in New York. We ended up wasting all this time waking around, because I was looking for that exact name until I was nudged, “No, Brittany we are in Hell’s Kitchen. So, just pick a restaurant so we can eat!” We did and at that place it felt like Hell’s Kitchen because the waiter dropped a plate of someone’s order on our table, ugh. It was just the start of our morning with miles away from our hotel and busy scheduled of thing to do and places to visit. Not to mention if you have a tight schedule its hard to see everything because of the large distance between the landmarks, etc. Overall I had a fun time and really learned a lot when visiting the different museums.


Lion King

Who knew how amazing this show would be! They’re using puppet stick masks. When I saw that once the show began I thought, hmmm this will not be good but I was wrong. They nailed every single scene, line and song to the tee so I recommend going to see this.

Other New York Stops

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